Evgeny hi, We are moving out from Russia after 15 years:) so next week will be the last swimming lesson of the girls (on 5th march).

Thank you very much for everything during all these years, girls learnt a lot and enjoyed the trainings. Wish you all the best for the future.

Please send me the ******************** until the date of 5th march

Thank you Dora


I would like to thank you Evgeny for your splendid work with our son. In 18 months, from a water afraid kid (that cried and never putted his head inside water) he improved for an athletic child, who loves swimming and playing with water! It´s really fantastic!

Thank you.Ana


Would also like to express our gratitude for your and your teams efforts this year. It is delightful to have a daughter who really enjoys going to her swimming lessons – especially in Russia! Thank you so much.

Happy holidays!

Best regards

Ann Charlotte Norin


    I started EmpireSwimAcademy approx.. 2 months ago as beginner level. Now; I feel much more comfortable when swimming, I can swim as much as I want without feeling lack of breath.

Personally Evgeny was goal oriented, inspiring, very friendly and flexible with drills & program. After couple of trainings, he designed tailor-fit exercises to increase the efficiency. That works pretty much well instead of doing same boring exercises every time. Having an individual approach to every training makes you feel comfortable and higher your motivation.

Thanks for everything.



My two daughters, Alexandra and Anastasia,  5 and 3 years old respectively, both swim on Wednesday morning at the Crowne Plaza hotel with Evgeny.

Both are absolute beginners.  Alexandra has made great progress and can now put her head under the water, float and swim to the side of the pool.  Her confidence has greatly increased also and she really enjoys swimming and looks forward to it each week.

Anastasia is having her second class tomorrow so no achievements as yet.

Evgeny is a great coach and really knows how to make the children relax in the water, enjoy the water and swimming and builds up their confidence quickly.  I am so glad we finally found an excellent, highly qualified, English speaking swimming coach in Moscow who understands the children’s swimming needs so well.

Best regards                                                                                                                                                                                                       Amanda Traill


        Sophie really enjoys the lessons with Empire Swim Academy. To be honest this came as a bit of a surprise to all of us, because prior to taking lessons with you she was never keen on going to swimming lessons and I did not consider her a strong swimmer. She knew her strokes but never really enjoyed swimming as a sport. Since starting with you she does and I think she’s very happy that in the relatively short time she has been practicing with you she already sees her own improvements.

She is swimming with Empire Swim Academy as part of the ISM team practices however she has told us that if she doesn’t make the team she would like to continue in your Sunday morning classes  at the Fili pool as she really enjoys them. This is a huge compliment for you and your program.

She finds the lessons fun and at the same time she feels she is learning and improving. Her biggest improvements have been in her freestyle and her backstroke. She tells us her butterfly is not good enough yet but I’m sure that too will improve eventually.

Thank you for making your training both fun and educational. It is great to see our daughter enthusiastic about swimming as a sport. Her best moment was the fact that after 3 months of practice she can now beat me when we compete against each other.



I am writing to thank you for all the hard work and effort you have put in for our children, Alex (9 y.o.) and Laura Mazzarelli (6 y.o.).

When we started swimming with you, Laura was in your learn to swim course and Alex was in your developmental program.

Within a few weeks Laura started to feel comfortable in the pool and was able to start swimming using different strokes.

Within a few weeks Alex progressed so much that he was invited to the ISM swim team, and by the time the school started swimming as a PE activity, his skills have progressed so far that his peers and his teachers hardly recognized him, many were frankly shocked at the amount of progress he has achieved in such a comparatively short time.

Before swimming with you, both kids swam at a gym with another coach, who only taught them instead of a whole class. Nevertheless, even though they swam at this other place for a similar period of time, they did not measurably improve their skill, and worst of all, the previous method, which unfortunately involved a lot of shouting and negative feedback, was not letting them enjoy their swimming experience.

I want to thank you not only for having so greatly improved both of our kids’ swimming skills, but also because your kind, thoughtful and methodical approach has enabled them to truly enjoy their time in the water.

Thank you very much for all your effort.

Kindest regards, Giuseppe (and Holly) Mazzarelli