The Empire Swim Academy private classes run on One on One ratio (coach/swimmer). Private classes may be any swimming level and age. These classes designed to learn certain swimming skills when necessary with full attention of a coach. Usually recommended by a coach who already know the swimmer. Private classes might benefit absolute beginners to catch up with some skills. For private swimming lessons, any location is possible all you need to do is contact us at +7 966 359 5477 discuss a possibility and make an appointment.

Make sure that you confirm your swimming class beforehand and any classes that have not been cancelled 24 hours beforehand will still be charged.

Code of Conduct and Behaviour

Every swimmer enrolled in our swimming programs will have to adhere to the swim club academy rules and regulations to make sure that the program and development is done in a professional manner, ensures the high quality of service.

Swimmers are required to arrive 10 minutes prior to classes commencing and collect a locker key from The Empire Academy Academy staff.

Swimmers are not allowed to enter the water without the supervision of a The Empire Swim Academy Coach.

Swimmers need to wait quietly on the pool side before the start of the lesson.

The Empire Swim Academy cap must be worn at all times during our lessons.

Swimmers are not allowed to leave the premises without Parents or a Guardian.

All Swimmers, Parents and Guardians are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible and appropriate manner at all times and to respect the facilities and their conditions of use.

If the swimmer cannot attend a swimming session please inform The Empire Swim Academy by mailing info@eswim.ru or via phone texting +79663595477 please include swimmers name, lesson day, time and a facility.

The Empire Swim Academy has no Refund policy. Refunds cannot be given at any time.

 The Coaches are not approachable during swimming session and training (if parents feel that anything needs to be discussed then please call outside coachin hours or make an appointment). Safety First.

Swimmers need to change in the changing rooms, swimmers are not allowed to change on the poolside or at a lobby of a swimming facility.

No parents are allowed on the deck during swim classes!!!

Swimmers are not allowed to chew gum or have any type of hard candy during their swimming lesson.

Please do not bring a sick child to class. We ask, to avoid spreading the illness any further, that you wait until your child is better before bringing them to class. If your child has a fever or a contagious disease, please stay at home until the illness has subsided. If you are unsure, please consult your doctor for the proper course of action.

If Swim Academy must cancel your child’s lesson (due to teacher illness, facility repairs, maintenance etc.) we will notify you as soon as possible via email, text message or phone call. In the event a lesson is cancelled on behalf of The Empire Swim Academy, tuition is credited toward a future lesson. If a coach is ill/away, Academy will organize a substitute coach for the lesson. We are unable to credit you for a class with a substitute coach.

Swimmers will be required to bring a SPRAVKA (Doctors Note) on the first class, stating that you/child allowed to visit a swimming pool. Facility staff may deny access to the swimming pool without a valid SPRAVKA.

Fee structure for Private Swim Lesson:

Bullet 1 lesson coaching fees are 2500 RUB (1 swimmer / 1 coach)

    Additional swimmer 1000 RUB per lesson. (2 swimmers / 1 coach)

Bullet Maximum amount of swimmers 2 to keep it individual and maximize attention.

Bullet If lesson is taking place at Academy facility and during pre-booked hours NO additional cost will be involved.

Bullet If lesson is taking place at a public facility entry fees needs to be paid at swimming pool covering both swimmer and a coach