Pricing Structure:

All members will be required to pay Annual Registration Fees.

Annual Registration FEE per family:

All Members: equivalent of $37/year (2500 RUB)

Join classes anytime.

One of the unique aspects of our Academy model is a perpetual registration. Students can join lessons at any time.

Lessons are ongoing, year around. Your fees will be pro-rated from the date you join.

Our Sessions run on a three month cycle year around. Although there is a start and end date to each term, new students can sign up at anytime. After an evaluation has taken place, parents decide how many times per week child attends swim lessons

Three family members or more

Third, fourth, 5th family member gets 50% OFF the fees, if you have more then two family members swimming with us.

Class Rates children of all levels

(applies to swimming pools Akvamarin,Arbat):


5000 RUB per 1 session/week (4 classes)

6250 RUB per 1 sessions/week (5 classes)

7500 RUB per 2 session/week (~ 13 classes)


1 Class: 1250 RUB per 1 session (per 1 class)

Class Rates Adults of all levels 

(applies to swimming pool Arbat)


6000 RUB per 1 session/week ( 4 classes) / Most Popular

12000 RUB per 2 sessions/week (8 classes)

18000 RUB per 3 session/week (12 classes)


1 Class: 1500 RUB per 1 session

Payment Options:

Payments are due before the 1st class.