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We provide expatriates and residents of City of Moscow, Russia with the best quality swim programs that develop the physical, athletic and personal potential for all ages and levels.

At Empire Swim Academy we aim to provide a range of comprehensive swimming programs for expatriates community of the City of Moscow, Russia that are suitable for all ages and levels. Our club is an independently run club by professional swimmers with expat life experience in Asia, Middle East, USA.


Our target is to provide the best quality swimming programs that promotes the growth and health of the entire student including their mental, and emotional well-being and develop the physical, athletic and personal potential for all ages and levels.

Our goal is to develop swim program to its full potential, resulting in Learning to swim, gaining water safety knowledge and unlock personal potential through the Safest and the most enjoyable swimming lessons to as many people as possible.

Swimming Academy offers Structured swimming lessons

for all Levels

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